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by tom on 21/05/2013

Around the World Part 2

To be decided!

Around the World Part 1


Total distance: 23,000 miles (this is conservative!)

Total number of countries visited: 14


The country that was most fun to travel in: China

The country that was the most interesting, historically: Vietnam

The country that was the most emotionally rich: Cambodia


Total number of haircuts: 4

  1. Seoul, South Korea
  2. Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  3. Ban Lung, Cambodia
  4. Perth, Australia

Cheapest haircut: Ban Lung, Cambodia (1 USD)

Total number of fast-food meals (before Australia!): 7

  1. St. Petersburg, Russia (burger)
  2. Khabarovsk, Russia (pizza)
  3. Beijing, China (pork burger)
  4. Nanning, China (chicken burger)
  5. Kenting, Taiwan (pizza)
  6. Chiang Rai, Thailand (burger)
  7. Tioman Island, Malaysia (burger).

Bodies of water swum in: 7

  1. Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam
  2. Mekong River, Cambodia
  3. Boeng Yeak Lom, Ban Lung, Cambodia
  4. Kuang Si Falls, Laos
  5. Andaman Sea, Thailand
  6. South China Sea, Tioman Island, Malaysia
  7. Jungle waterfall, Tioman Island, Malaysia.

Wireless hotspots connected to: 113

Number of photos taken: 9,399

Items to have survived the whole trip:

  • 1 x can shaving foam (new at beginning of trip, required replacing in Singapore)
  • 1 x pair hiking boots (roughly 9 years old before starting)
  • 1 x camera (6 years old before starting, required repairing in Saigon, Vietnam)
  • 1 x bottle shampoo (started before setting off, still in use 6 months after getting back!).